HEATH - Rubber Sole

NPS Heritage
  • $310.00
  • Local taxes included and FREE returns!
HEATH - Rubber Sole
NPS Heritage Collection
  • 6 Eye Derby Boot
  • 100% Made in England
  • Black Grain & Calf Leather Upper
  • Fully Leather Lined
  • Rubber Sole & Heel
  • Goodyear Welted
  • Last Shape: 002

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Stafford
Great Boots Take You to Great Places - These Boots are in a Class of Their Own

Few things in life are more important than comfortable shoes or boots. As someone with flat, wide feet, finding comfortable, good looking boots is always a struggle. Having found NPS Solovair and these Heath boots, this struggle has ended.

The Heath boots look and fit amazingly well. I've had them for about three weeks and the break-in was minimal. I could tell the minute I put them on that some break-in would be needed, but it was more a matter of snugness and needing to conform to my feet than any blisters or painful irritations. From a style perspective, I've had more compliments on these boots in three weeks than all other shoes I've worn. If you've ever had the good fortune to have had a good pair of boots, you be able to tell these Heath boots are durable and high quality from the get go. They will be comfortable and last for many, many years.

My only minor complaint is that the tongue of the right boot tends to go from straight up and down to listing to the right as I wear through out the day. Could be something in the way I'm tying them or something with my foot. Since the this part of the boot is typically under a pant leg, it's not much of an issue to anyone but me - I just want that tongue to stay in the "correct" place throughout the day.

Beyond the shoe itself, I think the company I'm doing business with matters. NPS Solovair is amazing. The website was informative - the detailed information leather and shoe last made purchasing a shoe untried much easier. I ordered on Wednesday, the boots (and a pair of shoes) arrived the next Monday. The shoes weren't a good fit for me and returning them was a breeze - a shipping label was promptly sent and shipping company picked the return up from my house the next day. A very prompt, efficient return.

Terrific boots, terrific organization. I'll be purchasing more shoes/boots from NPS Solovair and I highly recommend you do as well.