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In order to provide a smooth shopping and delivery experience to our customers, any tariff or duty fees imposed by customs will now be paid by NPS Solovair and are included in the sales price of the footwear advertised on our website, so there will be no hidden costs or significant delivery delays to your orders.

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We have extended our returns period for the festive season! Any gift bought between 1st November and 24 December 2020 can be returned up until 31st January 2021.


To qualify for a return or exchange, it is essential our Returns Form is completed within 30 days of receipt of the shipment. Once we have approved your claim, you will receive an email containing the relevant address to send your items back to at your earliest convenience. This does not need to be within the 30 day period. Please make sure you include your name, order number and any further information with your return or exchange to help up process your claim.

All returns must be unworn, in resalable condition and complete with all undamaged packaging.

You can choose to send your return using a courier of your choice, alternatively for footwear returns you can opt to ship using a returns label. If you choose to use our returns label, the cost of the return shipment will be deducted from the final refund amount or you will be sent an invoice before your exchange order is processed.


Return label cost:

North America - $29


The exact cost will be made available during the returns process.


For further instructions on how to ship the returned products, please refer to the email received after placing the return request.

Please note, due to this difficult climate, there may be delays in processing exchanges and refunds.

Please click here if you wish to return your purchase.

If you have any questions about your return or exchange, please contact us.

If you purchased your footwear from Solovair Direct, please email us on customer.services@nps-shoes.com for further instructions.


NPS and Solovair footwear takes several weeks to manufacture and when combined with the benefits of Goodyear welting and quality materials, can last many years. Following our tips will help you achieve an optimal lifespan for your purchase. 

Follow our general guidelines below for basic shoe care, or read our blog post for more comprehensive leather and sole care here.
You can purchase all your essential shoe care accessories here.

1) Always clean your footwear ideally after each use by cleaning off any surplus dirt with a brush or damp cloth. You can find all your essential leather maintenance products in our Waterstop Care Kit.
2) Our footwear is water-resistant but not waterproof. DO NOT wear footwear in prolonged or extremely wet conditions. If your footwear becomes wet, follow our water exposure care tips below.
3) Leather is a natural product and requires a rest period. The general rule of thumb is to allow footwear to rest for double the time they were worn. For example, footwear worn for 8 hours should rest for 16 hours. A rest period allows the leather to breathe and rid itself of moisture. Too much moisture can cause the internal sock liner to shift and lining damage. DO NOT wear footwear over consecutive days. We recommend wearing footwear in rotation.
4) We recommend using shoe trees to help retain shape when footwear is not being worn. Shoe trees are designed to slightly stretch the vamp area of the shoe to allow the leather to dry from natural feet moisture of water exposure without hardening or drying in an unnatural or highly creased state. Without the use of a shoe tree, leather upper fibres are susceptible to breaking down more quickly. Shoe trees can also be used for boot style as boot trees tend to be difficult to come by.
5) Repair soles or defects in good time using a reputable repairer. Continued wear of damaged footwear may result in irreversible damage. If your boots arrive with loose threads, DO NOT pull them as this may result in seam damage. Instead, send an enquiry with images to our customer services team who will be able to inform you if these can be trimmed.
6) It is important to wear the correct size footwear. Too small or too large fitting styles can cause leather to rub along pressure points or crease abnormally resulting in premature damage including holes. We do not compare our sizing to other brands and always recommend following our Size Guide. Where half sizing is not available we advise customers purchase a removable insole to bridge the sizing gap. If you are wide fitting, please contact our customer services team who will be able to guide you with shoe width measurements.

Please note, damage incurred from footwear worn in incorrect weather conditions or from poor shoe care are not considered manufacturing faults.

Unfortunately we currently do not offer an in-house repair service. We recommend customers contact their nearest cobbler (experienced in Goodyear welting) for sole split repairs.

For UK based customers we recommend The Boot Repair Company for complete sole refurbishments using our Classic Replacement sole
To include a Fast Track Collection & Delivery service with an additional cost, select 'DPD Express Courier Service' at the checkout.
Please note, you are not required to purchase soles separately with this service.
For customer's wishing to use an alternative company, replacement soles can be purchased from our Accessories Collection here.
Please note, replacement soles need to be purchased x1 size larger than your standard shoe size to accommodate for sole trimming.

Please contact us if you require further assistance with sole repairs or refurbishments.

We stock a selection of replacement laces in various colour choices. You can shop our range here.

We recommend the following lengths when purchasing replacements:

3 eyelets: 65cms
4-5 eyelets: 80cms
6-8 eyelets: 150cms
11 eyelets: 180cms
20 eyelets: 250cms


Goodyear welted footwear acquires its name from the long strip of material called a ‘welt’ which is sewn to the upper and insole of the shoe or boot by a chain stitch. The outsole is then attached separately to the welt by a lock stitch. The machinery used for this process was invented in 1869 by Charles Goodyear Jr. This traditional method of manufacturing serves to provide the following key advantages:

The cavity created by the inseam between the inner and outer sole is filled with a flexible compound that moulds to the  shape of the wearer’s feet. This provides comfort, strength, outstanding performance and excellent shape retention.
The flexible compound that is sandwiched between the inner and outer soles provides excellent thermal insulation
and protection from uneven surfaces.
 As long as the uppers are taken care of, it is easy to re-sole worn welted footwear by sewing or heat-sealing
new soles to the existing welt.

Our full-grain, chromed bovine leather is sourced and tanned within the EU and REACH compliant. This includes our 100% bovine leather lining. 

We use Vegetan for our vegan products, it is hard wearing, breathable, water-resistant, polyester and polyurethane upper material with classic smooth finish

Read more about the different leather finishes and basic care tips using the below links:
Solovair Leather Explained
NPS Leather Explained

Unfortunately our boots are classified as fashion steel cap only; we do not recommend them for industrial use.

Our Classic and Commando soft-suspension soles are made from a PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) compound which means they are resistant to acid, oil, fat, petrol and alkali.
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee our soles are 100% slip resistant.