Solovair footwear is manufactured to an excellent standard and will provide many years of use, however our soles are made from PVC which is a soft, flexible, and durable material and the upper will always wear much longer than the sole.

This is why we are now offering an in-house re-sole service at our factory for your shoes and boots.

There are multiple factors which may affect the length of time before a resole is required including how often the footwear is worn, the environment they have been worn in, the gait of the customer and how the footwear has been cared for.

We thought we would take this opportunity to explain a little more about our re-sole service and the processes that it entails.


Step 1). Lasts are placed into the footwear to add stability for removing the sole.

Step 2). Once the last is secure the operator, using a knife will separate the sole from the welt.

Step 3). The new soles will be spotted in four places to temporarily fix the welt to the new sole.

Step 4). Once spotted the operator will take the footwear to the heat seal machine.

Step 5). Using a blade that has a temperature of 700 °C the operator will then fuse the sole onto the welt.

Step 6). Once sealed, excess material will then be trimmed before the footwear is taken to our shoe room.

Step 7). A quick buff and polish, the lasts are removed and the footwear is ready to be returned to the customer.


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