International Size Conversion Chart.

For convenience we have prepared this guide to assist you with choosing your correct size before placing your order.

Shoe fitting and comfort is very subjective and feet can vary in shape across a number of dimensional measurements.

We offer ½ sizes on the vast majority of our range so finding the best fit for you is easier using the extra information and guidance we have provided for you below.

FOOTWEAR (Unisex Sizing)
Our lasts have not been changed since their inception in the 1950’s and as such we have found that they are not comparative to other brands in terms of sizing. All sizing is Unisex, so may come up larger, particularly for Women’s fitting. For Shearling lined footwear and Sneakers we would recommend purchasing true to size. We suggest you use our size guide and conversion chart before selecting your size.

When you have found the style that you wish to purchase, check on the description to find out the Last Shape number. We have provided the insole lengths by last shape on the product page.

We believe that by using your own foot length you will be able to select your perfect size from our range.

Sizing measurements for each last are available on all product pages. Simply press the 'FIND MY SIZE' button below the size dropdown on the product you are interested in.

How to measure your foot length

  • The simplest way to do this is stand on a piece of white paper and mark the point at the back of your heel and then again at the tip of your big toe as indicated on the diagram.
  • Wear the type of socks that you will wear with your boots or shoes and distribute your weight evenly before measuring.
  • This measurement will determine the length of your foot.
  • Measure both feet as these may be different. Choose the measurement of your longest foot to help define your shoe size.
  • Measuring your feet at the end of the day is recommended.


The measurements we have provided for each size are the length of the insoles. This is the length available inside the shoe or boot but for comfort you wouldn’t choose a size that is the exact length of your foot! We recommend adding 5mm to your foot length to get an accurate indication of which size you will need.


After establishing your foot length and adding the recommended 5 mm to your measurement for comfort, select the closest size to this measurement and read the extra information about the last.

For each of the lasts we have given further details about the width, toe shape and toe depth on the LAST SHAPE GUIDE to help you with your decision.

Other factors to consider are the materials used, for example, some of the leathers will ‘give’ after a certain amount of wear. Certain patterns will also offer a different level of comfort, depending on the shape of your feet.

If you need any further advice, our Customer Service Team will be happy to assist.

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